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Arthrosis of the hip joint. What is coxarthrosis?

14 November 2021
Dr. Elviz Qasımov


The hip joint is a joint that is formed by the head of femoral bone and the acetabulum. Osteoarthritis is caused by the destruction of articular cartilage from the surface of both bones. In the initial stage, we reduce the patient’s weight, use painkillers, physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the joint. If there is a difference in the length of the lower limbs, then a height under the shorter limb is substituted.

If pain affects the patient’s quality of life and conservative treatment proves ineffective, we have to replace the damaged joint by surgery. The patient should be informed about the operation and any complications that may arise. After surgery, pain disappears and joint function is fully restored. After 2 days, patients are placed in a sitting position and allowed to walk around, leaning on the operated leg. The patient’s quality of life improves considerably. Depending on the age of the patient, the endoprosthetis joint surgery proceeds with some changes.

Total bud-çanaq endoprotezinin təsviri

The figure shows the total hip arthroplasty

There are 4 types of arthroplasty

  1. Cementless total hip replacement: this type of total hip replacement is used for patients younger than 70 years of old. Both parts of the prosthesis (acetabulum and head of femoral bone) are cementless prostheses. After the head is inserted into the acetabulum, the operation is completed.
  2. Cemented total endoprosthesis: This type of endoprosthesis should be used for patients over the age of 70.
  3. Combined Total Endoprosthetics: Prostheses are used in which the head of femoral bone is cemented and the acetabulum is cementless.
  4. 4 Reverse Combined Total Endoprosthesis: Use prostheses in which the head of femoral bone is cementless and the acetabulum is cemented.

If a patient has a femoral neck fracture as a result of trauma, they undergo a hemarthroplasty (replacement of the femoral head only). Since patients have osteoporosis, a cemented head of femoral bone is used. Once the diameter of the head of femoral bone is determined and the correct size prosthesis is inserted into the acetabulum, the operation is completed. No intervention is performed above the acetabulum.

Hemiartroplastika, qalça protezi

The figure shows the difference between the hemiarthroplasty and  the total hip arthroplasty

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